Imagine a Detroit both empowered and transformed by its residents and community stakeholders working together with individuals and organizations who are passionate about the revitalization of Detroit. Detroit must plant new seeds to grow stronger 'roots.' Funding Roots will inspire, enable and facilitate that activity.   More than 50% of real estate projects do not qualify for traditional bank financing.  Our company will connect Detroit residents, community associations, investors and other stakeholders to create an economic engine to power the revitalization of our business communities and neighborhoods.  We are “Detroiters for Detroit.”   We believe Detroit is on the precipice of a great renaissance and that we will play a key role in the process of creating a vibrant, engaged community with sustained economic growth.  Through our community capital portal and deep community involvement, we will create significant economic opportunities and impact for our great city.


To have a thriving, healthy city, the foundation must be strong.  Bricks and mortar of real estate comprise the bedrock of the community.  Homes, businesses and residents suffer if houses and buildings are abandoned and left to decay.  Funding Roots will utilize real estate crowdfunding for redevelopment and to empower investors to engage in the growth and revitalization of their community.  By investing in real estate projects they care most about, investors will put their money where their hearts are and simultaneously receive a return on their investment.  We will sponsor and support the funding of 8-10 community projects.  We will encourage walkable neighborhoods with our friends, neighbors and partners and help develop vibrant business districts.  Public and private partnerships have been established to support this redevelopment.  Projects identified include pop-up retail space with Michigan Women’s Foundation for women entrepreneurs, rehabilitation of neighborhoods with new home buyers, businesses that need storefronts, and non-profits seeking space to provide community programming.  Construction projects will provide jobs while affordable space will attract talent and young adults to Detroit.  Community real estate crowdfunding will strengthen cities across the country by engaging stakeholders and investors of all kinds for sustainable urban growth.